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To book a cleaner or garden work, just use the button below to cotact us or send a text. We cover Kent, Sussex, Essex, Hampshire. Other areas coming soon. Tel 07380 395926 Offices · Schools · Universities · Restaurants · Retail Stores · Bars, Pubs & Clubs · Housing Associations · Local Authorities · Residential Properties · Factories · Insurance Work · Flood Damage · Business Centres · End of tenancy lets · Graffiti Removal · Chewing Gum Removal · Stubborn Stain Removal. Garden Clearing
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Deep Steam Clean Carpets, Seating, Ovens Fridges & Freezers

Budget Clean thanks the NHS. We are closed for the time being to help the NHS stay safe  #stayathome
Making your home a safe place by steam cleaning, kills all known germs.  How do steam cleaners work? All steam cleaners work by heating water until it boils, thus creating steam. This steam is very effective at cleaning surfaces as it’s able to get in to cracks and pores that may not be accessible to normal cleaning cloths. The steam loosens dirt and grease, which can then be more easily wiped away. Cleaning in this way is not just effective, but it also removes the need for harsh chemicals. This can be especially beneficial for households with babies or small children who like to put things in their mouths, as well as anyone whose allergies are affected by strong detergents. 
We have a large range of cleaning services & products to keep your home the safe clean place you want it to be. From one off cleans to daily, weekly or each month, whatever your requirments we are able to help. 
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Domestic & Commercial Cleaning Company
Budget Clean is all about cleaning at a budget price. We have a professional & efficient domestic cleaning service & team waiting for you to call now. 
We supply the UK with domestic cleaners which provide quality cleaning services. We pride ourselves on providing an efficient service for each individual client. 
We provide cleaners to homes throughout Brighton, Worthing, Eastbourne, through to Margate & down to Bognor & Portsmouth. We are also now expanding north of UK. 
We have various cleaners who provide all cleaning services.
All domestic cleaners will provide a high standard of work.
We pride ourselves on our efficiency when you contact us we as get back to you within the day with an update. 
We are here to make your hectic day as easy as possible, we provide a large range of services, ironing, shopping, clean windows, carpet cleaning, steam cleaning . We supply cleaning at a budget price you will find hard to beat.
If you would like to ask about booking a cleaner please fill out the online form & we will get back to you, or if you prefer you can telephone 07380 395926
Budget Clean services provide honest & reliable domestic cleaners & housemaids for all your housework chores. Duties include, ironing, washing & laundry services as well as a variety of other domestic cleaning services. If you have other requirements please ask. 
We will supply a replacement if your domestic cleaner is unsuitable or if they terminate their employment. We also guarantee to organise anise cover if your cleaner is absent for any reason. You can book a cleaner for just the odd job or for more regular cleaning. We are totally at your service. 
Why not contact Budget Clean now? We do the housework for you! For full cleaning services click here. 

We are now looking for new cleaners in Sussex, Brighton, Eastbourne, Hastings & Lewes. Contact us with a recent CV, join today & work with the experts in cleaning.

Our Cleaning Services

Budget Clean is a domestic cleaning agency in the UK. We pride ourselves on providing a personalised quality cleaning service for each individual client. Every cleaner that we recommend is personally interviewed by you and if you require you can ask for references you can check. Copies of their written references are available on request to you if you ask for them to provide them. It is you that picks the cleaner and checks all the references. Budget clean lets you decide. 

 The cleaning service and household cleaning coverage for the year, or for the hour which means that if your cleaner supplied by Budget Clean falls ill, goes on holiday or you are simply not satisfied with the level of domestic cleaning, then we will replace the cleaner and find one you are happy with. You can simply book a cleaner to come over and clean your house on a one off clean. 

The cost is worked on by hour, or if its is a builders clean you will be quoted a price and sent an email about the cost of the work. Once a cleaner from our list has commenced work with you we want you to remain a happy client, so if you are ever worried or stuck with anything you can phone us or email us. You are therefore also free to interview as many people from our cleaning company list as you like without any obligation.

Once you have made an inquiry we will then send you our Budget Clean cleaning “checklist”. This information sheet should be used by yourselves to inform your cleaner, where necessary, the work that needs to be carried out on any particular day. It should also be used by the cleaner to inform you of the work that they carried out during their time at your property.

Private households full range of domestic cleaning, ironing, steam cleaning sofas, oven cleaning, carpet shampooing, vacuuming, window cleaning, Swimming pools cleaned, Decking, Patios, Jet washing, Laundry plus full range of domestic services, from shopping to walking the dog. 

Commercial Cleaning, full range of cleaning service, cleaning hotels, bed & breakfasts, fast food restaurants, take away, full kitchen cleaning, carpet shampooing, graffiti removal, Chewing gum removal, Stubborn stain removal.


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Keeping your home clean and safe.
Removing unwanted substances, such as dirt, infectious agents, and other impurities, from an object or environment. Cleaning occurs in many different contexts, and uses many different methods. 

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